Our mission through 2-concepts

01. Circular economy:

An important part of our production process aligns with what is known as a circular economy model. This, put simply, amounts to optimizing production process to bring out the most of any material. From utilizing used sanding paper, too odd chunks of wood, or broken glass pieces. We are constantly working on ways to process materials that could easily be discarded as trash. In doing so, we are able to reintroduce them into the market, giving them a new life.

02. Co2 capturing and sequestration

In line with what we mentioned above, it’s important to emphasize the natural properties of the main material we use, wood. Wood is a renewable material, that, if sourced correctly, can be of great aid to our struggles with green house emissions and global warming. Trees are the greatest natural source for co2 capturing and sequestration or long term storage. The proper use of these material ensures that co2 remains out of the atmosphere. By preserving dead trees, inhibiting the decomposition process from happening, we can essentially capture all the co2 taken in by a tree during its life time. Look for the symbol shown above to get a rough estimate of the co2 captured by your piece. We realize these are small steps, there is still ways to go to solve these problem. However, we believe that simple ways of showing the issue can be a good starting point. Another great resource you can use is the Tree Plantation Carbon Calculator ; you can type in any tree spices to get an idea of the amount of co2 taken out of the atmosphere.