Rasttro is a Mexican based company that looks to develop handcrafted accessories and decorative products that utilize recovered wood and glass, each meticulously finished by our master craftsmen.

With wood as our prime working material, we developed a production processes that maximizes the use we give our woods. Each production processes is adapted to what makes more sense — with responsible use of materials and aesthetic beauty at the core of everything we do — which means adapting the end product to the materials available. This results not only in minimal waste and beautiful one of a kind pieces, but also, as a production line, available in large quantities, making them prime retail products. Rasttro translates to traces, we try to leave a mark or trace of the raw organic material, and of its uniqueness, which is reaffirmed in the fact that we create mostly one of a kind pieces.


Our products are all hand made.

Sister Companies


Taracea has been manufacturing and selling furniture in the States for more than 20 years. A large part of that business has been creating furniture or sculpture pieces from recovered trees. Taracea has created a network to gain access to trees that are: dead or dying, in tropical areas that have been run down by natural catastrophes like hurricanes, or urban trees that have to be taken down for safety reasons.
Since Taracea was born, there has been a significant accumulation of left over from cutoffs that cannot be utilize to produce furniture for varios reasons. That’s why Rasttro came into existence: We adapt the end product to the material available, these gives us free range creative wise, and also, allows us to give new life too cutoffs that would otherwise go to waste.


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NS Walls

N+-S walls are magnetized modular panels made to fit your current and future lifestyle. You can install anything from one stand-alone panel or an arrangement of multiple panels the length of your home. The system adapts to your space by adding storage, organization, and flair. Their panels and accessories are built with real reclaimed wood, sourced and treated in an environmentally conscious way while providing jobs for over 100 artisans. Their easy installation allows you to adjust from vertical to horizontal, from office to kitchen depending on your needs.


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Orfeo Quagliata

Recently we’ve teamed up with Orfeo Quagliata, to create a product line that allows us to recreate the same process with his glass leftovers. Our plan is to grow the amount of factories we work with, in order to utilize what would other wise go to waste. Orfeo is an industrial designer and founder of Studio Orfeo Quagliata. He brings more than two decades of experience with glass, blending design with an artisan’s dedication to craftsmanship. The lack of innovation in prevailing glass processes compelled Orfeo to breathe new life into the glass world by introducing several groundbreaking techniques now showcased throughout the Studio Orfeo Quagliata collections.


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