Orfeo Quagliata



the artist


Orfeo is an industrial designer and founder of Studio Orfeo Quagliata. He brings more than two decades of experience with glass to Studio Orfeo Quagliata, blending design with an artisan´s dedication to craftsmanship. The lack of innovation in prevailing glass process compelled Orfeo to breathe new life into the glass world by introducing several groundbreaking techniques now showcased throughout the Studio Orfeo Quagliata collections. Looking to apply the same creative methods that we developed with our lines, we’ve been collaborating with Orfeo Quagliata to come up with ways to utilize his glass remnants or recycled material.

Since joining forces with Orfeo and his team of artisans, we’ve been working on ways toapply these materials in many of our existing products, while also creating something fresh and innovative for the market.





Orfeo´s eclectic design approach points to early influences drawn from his father work and also his grandmother, Herta Jalkotzy, an award-winning jewelry designer in the Wiener Weksätte collective, founded by Gustav Klimt. His work follows an inherited tradition in glass and jewelry, while articulating a bold, maverick style uniquely his own. Orfeo currently lived and works in Mexico City, his home since 2000.