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Glassy Cutting Boards


In various encounters with Orfeo, we've tried to come up with ideas to utilize his glass bits. Orfeo had been saving them up, like some sort of precious metal, for more than 20 years now. Despite numerous requests to throw it all away and make room for something new, he refused. And finally, found in Rasttro the long awaited platform to make use of his saved up gems. Take a look at what we came up with.



L 7.87 TO 9.84" X 13.77" TO 15.74" W

L 11.81" TO 13.77" X 15.74"TO 19.68"W

L 15.74" TO 17.71" X27.55" TO 31.49"W

Wood Species: Milpa, Fresno , Huanacaxtle, Palográfico Aile and Oak.